The Egyptian Swift ( Ägyptischer Segler )

Black Gold Neck Egyptian Swift
Its a origin of Egypt hence the name Egyptian Swift .This variety of the domestic pigeon has its name from the Swift, or Hawk Swallow, on account of its abnormally long flight feathers. Though a bird of ordinary size, it has the appearance of being larger than it is, from the fact of its feathers being long and loose.In this respect it resembles other kinds, such as the Trumpeter and Jacobin. The scapular feathers, on account of their length incline downwards. Both the flight and tail feathers are excessively long, the former being carried crossed above the latter,and measuring up to 32 inch tip to tip.These birds have a relatively low station and stand upright upon short legs. Compared to its body the Egyptian pigeon has a relatively smaller and articulate head fitted with a small beak.

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  1. Egyptian Swift - this is group of breeds of pigeons. These breeds differ from each other not only in color, but the constitution.