Wattled Spanish Pouter Breeds

The two main types of wattled Spanish Pouters are the rafeno pouter and Gorguero pouter.The Rafeno has a short beak,a square head with an owl like look to the front,and a hanging crop that has a crease down the center.it is medium sized and is proportionately short and wide.It is a short distance flyer and flies with its head held down and its tail is carried flat or slightly downward, and it has a wide heavily feathered rump.It has a docile character and is a great conquistador in the loft.All of the wattled Spanish Pouters breeds have similarities and to the untrained eye they may seem to have very vague differences.

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Gorguero Pouter

Granadino Pouter

Laudino Muriciano Pouter

Laudino Sevilano Pouter

Photo by : Pablo J. Alfonso

Laudino Valenciano Pouter

Rafeno Pouter

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