Mookee Pigeon

This is another Indian pigeon, of pure and distinct race; it’s a pigeon having the tremulous shaking neck of the Fantail, and a close, narrow tail, with the normal number of twelve feathers. The Mookee is a good breeder and feeder. It is a long lived pigeon

The head of the Mookee is flat, showing no stop, and its beak rather longer than that of a common flying Tumbler; it is also generally peak-headed. The irides are dark hazel in colour. The upper mandible is white, and the lower follows the plumage. The whole head is white above a line running across the eyes. The two longest flight feathers should be white, and all the rest of the bird coloured. The head often comes foul or unequally cut, and the flights often foul. Three, or even four a side, are better than unequal flights, but two a side are considered the standard. The curious thing about the Mookee is the tremulous shaking of the neck, which is never absent, and which is most constant when the bird is salacious. It is singular to see the cock driving the hen to nest ; his head and neck shake continually backward and forward, but he never loses his balance. The tail is carried horizontally and close, as in most pigeons.

In India the birds without white flight feathers are regard as perfect standard


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