Mindoro Bleeding-heart

The Mindoro bleeding-heart is a type of ground dove native to Mindoro, Philippines,the last confirmed sighting of the Mindoro bleeding-heart in the wild was in 1997.The bird has an extremely small, severely fragmented population which is undergoing a continuing decline owing to lowland forest destruction, combined with hunting and trade.

This medium-sized ground dove is named for the small, yet distinct, orange patch on its whitish breast, although this looks less like a ‘bleeding-heart’ , which have a blood-red patch. Little is known about the Mindoro bleeding-heart. It spends most of its life on the forest floor, concealing itself in dense vegetation, and is therefore very difficult to observe. Its diet is not fully known, but it has been seen feeding at a fruiting fig tree. The nest of the Mindoro bleeding-heart is made of sticks and leaves, lined with fine rootlets and tendrils and situated in a tree or shrub, one or two meters above the ground

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