Sherajee / Lahore pigeon

Sherajee, so named in Bengal, but called Sherazie in Northern India, is a favourite pigeon throughout India .The name is, no doubt, derived from the city of Sheraz, in Persia, where it might possiby have originated. It’s also called Lahore pigeon 

The head and beak of the Sherajee are of the common type, the latter neither short, nor long and thin; and birds of good colour always have a reddish tinge on the eye ceres, beak wattles, and the edges of the mouth. The irides are dark hazel colour, the head is unhooded, and the legs and feet are feathered. Long toe feathers, spreading out on each side, are much admired. The marking of the Sherajee is peculiar to itself, nothing similar to it being found in any other variety that I know of. The upper mandible is coloured, except with those colours that are generally accompanied by a, flesh coloured beak; and the marking, commencing at the beak wattle, runs over the head and down the back of the neck, till it meets the back and wings. Looked at in profile, the marking should show a clean division down the side of the neck ; from behind, the neck appears all coloured, and from before, all white. The back, wings, and flight feathers are also coloured, the rest of the plumage being pure white.

An another breed seen only in India is the clean leg Sherajee . Smaller than Sherajee with same marking, but without muffs.

Clean Leg Sherajee / Lahore

Sherajee / Lahore Standard

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