Coccidiosis is a species specific parasite,and every animal including man carries a form of it,although not at levels that interface with activity or digestion. In pigeon ,coccidiosis is an intestinal disease caused by a single-celled protozoan parasite,usually Eimeria labbeana or E. columbarum. The life cycle of the parasite is quite complicated,but basically,when it infects in large numbers, it destroys the cell in the intestinal walls,each time releasing more protozoa into the intestine, infecting the semi digested food, and attacking new cells,Seriously infected pigeons rapidly lose weight and their droppings  become watery

The Parasite has a form called an oocyst that is passed out in the feces. it takes 14 days in a damp and warm environment for oocysts to ripen to where they can develop into true coccidiosis if ingested. They can survive for long periods and are infectious as coccidiosis only when they ripen .Pigeons can be infected only by ripe oocysts of pigeon coccidia, and not by those of any other animals.

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