Nilgiri Wood Pigeon

Nilgiri wood pigeon is an endemic to the hill-ranges of the Western Ghats, south-west India, occurring from north-west Maharashtra south, through Karnataka and Goa, to southern Kerala and western Tamil Nadu. It was once considered common and widespread, but has undergone a major decline, which is thought to be continuing owing to on-going forest loss. Most recent records come from Kerala and Tamil Nadu, where it still appears to be locally common.Current IUCN Red List category is Vulnerable

The most striking feature of the beautiful Nilgiri wood pigeon is the black and white checkerboard pattern on the back of its neck. The male has a pale gray crown while the female has a darker grey crown with a pale throat. Their tails are nearly black. The chin is pale, dingy gray and their head is a light blue gray that yields to a black patch with white spots on the nape. The pigeon’s feet and the base of the bill are red.

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