Wompoo Fruit Dove

The impressive Wompoo Fruit Dove is the largest of its family , native to New Guinea and Australia.In addition to its size, its yellow wing markings and long tail also help to make it prominent.The head of this fruit dove is grey, the bill red and yellow vent. The sexes look similar,but juveniles have a duller plumage compared to the adults.

Like the other fruit doves,it feeds on fruit-bearing trees,such as figs.The Wompoo Fruit Dove can eat large fruit whole,and is also able to collect fruit by acrobatically springing forward from trees and vines. The nest of twigs,a sturdy construction placed on leafy branches,is built by both the male and female . A single white egg is laid,and the parents share the incubation and care of the chick. if the chick dies, the dove usually have time to try to breed again.Eight different subspecies are recognized,the largest birds being in the south of its range and lowland New Guinea

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  1. Esta paloma de la fruta, o com ose le llame en el idioma español, es bellísima. Ni sabía que existía. Me gustaría saber si esta ave se podría adaptar a los ecosistemas del Caribe...Si no pone en peligro otras especies o ella misma si correría peligro, ya que he sabido que esta paloma está en vía de extinsión y otras especies ya han desaaparecido...