Trichomoniasis ( Canker )

Trichomonas also called pigeon diphtheria, is caused by Trichomonas columbae,a single-celled flagellated protozoan parasite.Many older birds are asymptomatic carriers of the disease,but juveniles that get the disease via the crop milk usually die. Most pigeons live with canker at sub-clinical levels, and this is not considered dangerous.

Symptoms include yellow, cheesy,button-like lesions on the cells in the mouth, esophagus, and crop.Infected pigeons become lethargic sit with feathers fluffed up, and have serious digestive problems, including diarrhea.They quickly lose weight and drink profusely

There are oral,navel, and organ forms of disease , which can appear 4 to 14 days from infection. In the oral form the yellow, cheesy lesions may invade the wind pipe and crop causing the bird to gape, and creating difficulty with breathing,eating and potentially with drinking . The navel form appears as a cheese-like crumbly swelling under the skin around the navel and develops when canker laden crop milk falls into the nest bowl, infecting the babies unhealed umbilicus  in the organ form the previous forms can infect various internal organs leaving visible lesions 

Treatment:Clean the throat with a pigeon feather and give Flagyl-25 mg (powdered) to the infected pigeon.Other medicines are also available for treating canker refer the below link to know more information

DOSAGE: 25 mg for 3 days depending on the degree of the illness. If it is a severe case, dosage is to be increased but it should not exceed 100 mg in any case

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