Brunner Pouter ( Brünner Kröpfer )

Standard description

Head: Fine, rather long and slightly arched.

Eye: Bull in Whites and Gansel marked. Orange to yellow in other colours. The eye ceres almost imperceptible. Light to dark but never red.

Beak: Medium in length, fine and slender. Flash colour in Whites and Yellows. Horn colour in Black and intense colours. Wattle, white and smooth.

Neck: As long as possible.

Globe: High set, cut out well from the body, showing back crop, as round as a ball, the widest part in the centre.

Breast: Breast Bone straight and set well forward. Body long and slim.

Back: Long and narrow between the shoulders, sloping and straight with the tail.

Wings: Long and well set, carried well up the butts, held high on the rump. Primaries crossed. When in action, the wing shields are carried 1 to 2 cm from the drawback.

Tail: Narrow and firmly closed, a little longer than the wings and carried clear of the ground. In a line with the back. Wry or ‘fish’ tail a serious drawback. 

Legs : Long and slender, not close at the juncture of the body. When viewed from the front perfectly straight. The side view showing the eye above the centre toe. Thighs moderately prominent running almost imperceptible into body hocks, just slightly bent, not frog jointed. Toes medium to long, slender and un-feathered from the hock down, toenails as beak colour. The length of leg being slightly less than half of the total height of the Brunner.

Feathers: Clean, silky when in the hand. Lustrous in colour. Thighs well covered and smooth.

Left to Right :
1: Ideal Brunner pouter,
2:Too plump in body
3:Narrow legs
4:Cow hocked 'X' -legged

Brunner Pouter, Brünner Kröpfer , Boulant Brunner,Gozzuto di Brno, Brünner Kropper

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