Czech Baghdad

A breed perfected in Czechoslovakia that was descended from ancient Middle Eastern pigeons from such countries as Turkey , Iran and Iraq .They are a hardy and attractive breed that doesn't got to an extreme in wattle development .

The breed were imported to the United States in the early 1950's by Lynn E Hummel , still a rare breed there . It is an outstanding utility breed as well as now being an exhibition one . They were derived from crosses of local pigeons with wattle breeds; =the barb , The dragoon and the Carrier . They are plain headed and clean legged. It is somewhat similar in type and conformation to the Barb but with a longer beak and smaller eye cere. Its head is of medium length , broad and well rounded . Its beak is also of medium length and is stout, with well developed wattles, which do not attain the exaggeration of the Barb. It is somewhat between the Barb and the Dragoon in appearance . They are above average in size weighting around 600 grams , which a little heavier than the Barb. They are bread in a number of self colors; black , dun, white, red, yellow, chestnut brown and blue with or without white bars or in pencil laced or storked marked . They also come in pied and shield marked varieties. The eye color is pearl in selfs and dark in the white and pied varieties . The pencil laced colors often show a half split eye, which is part pearl and part dark. its eye cere is bright red, It is considered a breed with excellent foraging and squabbing ability.

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