The Carneau is known for large size and suitability for squab production. This breed was originally raised for food. Today not many people raise pigeons for food,but instead, rather devote their attention to its sheer beauty.

The Carneau originated in northern France, extending to the Southern Belgium. The Carneau started as a field pigeon on farms and was once a free flying breed. This large pigeon has a massive head, being broad and well rounded from the wattle to the top of the skull. The furthermost forward and highest point of the head must be directly above the eye. It has Prominent, round and bright eyes with a smooth, flesh-coloured or glowing cere and a beak of medium length and stout with a V-shaped wattle. They have a very prominent frontal and well developed back skull. There should be no break where the back skull joins the neck or where the neck meets the back, it should constitute a smooth,regular curve . The neck is strong, thick and of medium length. The body is solid,compact,broad and wedge shaped and the breast must be prominent and broad. The legs must be straight and set well apart,free from any feathers, and bright red in colour. The plumage of the Carneau must be close fitting and free of noticeable other colours, They are bread in red, white, yellow,dun and black and all the colours must be deep and rich with intensive sheen.Tail should be extending approximately one inch beyond flights,clearing floor when bird is in show position - wedge shaped and nearly square at and indicative of broad back , carried in line with back and showing no evidence of having wry tail

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