Frillback Pigeons

The Frillback a breed known for the frill or curls on the wing shield feathers.these breeds are the earliest known pigeons to be bred solely for ornamental purposes.An ancient breed that is said to came from Asia . They are slightly larger than other coloured pigeon breeds,with longer tail and wing feathers.Shell-crest and plain-head are found in all colours of Frillbacks.A Plain-headed Frillback should have a slightly oval head with no flat areas and a for-head that has a distinct stop at the wattle.A shell-crested Frillback should have a thick shell crest on the back of the head with Rosettes on each side.The crest should stand off the head.The eyes should be in line with the beak. A reddish-orange is desired in all colours except shield marked.Shield marked desire a black or "bull eye" While pearl, gravel and cracked eyes occur, they are not desirable and are considered major fault.the beak is long, with the upper beak often being slightly than the lower beak. The wattle is thin and white on all colours.
Frillbacks can carry numerous colour in many different patterns such as pied. These colours are not recognised as standard,but are very common.The muffs will vary, however 2 to 3 inches are desirable length.the curl covers its entire wing shield. The last row of curls spans the entire length of the wing.Frills from a distinct ringlet curl at the end. The bottom of the muff is also frilled. Tail and flight feathers have a distinct wrinkle

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