Laudino Murciano Cropper

The Laudino Murciano Cropper has a long tradition.Untill now, the breed was mainly known by the fanciers as Valencia Antiquo cropper . This breed belonging to the group of Spanish wattle croppers, it has been hugely popular in the Murcia region, particularly in Valencia for a long time

The current Laudino Murciano Cropper has emerged from the former Valencia Cropper.The Valenciana Cropper was created as a flying pigeon to catch other pigeons. Character , flying style and temperament were the main features. It was a crossbred between old wattle pigeon breeds and racing pigeons, such as the "Magana" and "la azul de la Estrella ", where the body type was subordinate.

Overall impression and size

The Laudino Murciano has a long tail and long wings , horizontal position, with a close fitting plumage . The crop is not blown , but hanging. They occur mainly in the colour Black. By its length the pigeon gives the impression of being a heavy pigeon but it has a small body and in fact belongs to the lightest Spanish Cropper breeds. The square head is one of the most important breed characteristics, with triangular nose wattle and three round under wattles. preferably with a light - coloured beak. Finally the double light coloured eye ceres distinguish this breed from other Spanish Cropper breeds.

Colours :- Black is the most common colour in this breed. We also see this black in all its varieties such as pied or a dull or even brilliant variety. we also see the dark red colour , with the " leaden" tail. In this red variety also some white feathers may occur.

Neck :-  medium length and strong. Compared to the toatl length of the bird, the neck will give a short impression. In action the neck will enlarge.

Crop :- Medium size , with a crop-drape folding in the centre . In action the crop will be a little inflated

Breast :- Not very wide, compared to the length of the bird

Wings :- Long and strong. Resting on the tail, but in action also under the tail

Back :- Flat broad, straight , tight feathered without visible break from rump to tail

Tail :- Broad , with 12 strong tail feathers.

Legs :- Strong , medium length , clean and red in colour.

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