Prachen Kanik

Its a Breed from Czech Republic , The area of their origin is the province in South Bohemia named Prachen and the  name Kanik comes from a local owl pigeon . This breed is an elegant, strongly built,stocky pigeon that still has the type of the field pigeon.The stance is almost horizontal and medium high. The body not too long , the wings are broad, carried tight against the body , the tips resting on the tail showing the attractive shield marking.

The eyes are orange to ruby red and fiery, birds with brown feather colour have paler eyes.The eye-cere is of a fine texture, colour is pink to red, this holds for all colour varieties.The basic markings of the Prachen Kanik is the strasser marking, but with some extras: The prachen Kanik has white flights, minimum seven and maximum ten. A difference of no more than 2 white flights between both wings is allowed.'Slip' flights is not a major fault, even important in the breeding, because the white colour   always has a tendency to spread. The back of the Prachen Kanik is white, with a clean separation at the vent. An important breed characteristic is the medium size white spot on the forehead starting at the beak cere. The size of the spot may vary from small pea-size to a slightly elongated marking up to 1.5 cm long,it should not be too large or too broad.


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