South German White-tail Pigeon

The South German White tail is a medium sized compact clean-legged field pigeon, with almost horizontal posture with a well developed shell-crest.The head is well rounded and appearing broad with a well developed shell-crest. The head is well rounded and appearing broad with a well developed forehead; the shell-crest is held clear from the skull and set fairly high with well developed rosettes either side.

The eye is orange colour and the eye-cere is fine/narrow; for reds and yellows, pale to reddish colour and for all other colours,dark. The beak is medium length, for reds and yellows pale colour for all other colours the beak is black , the beak-cere is small, smooth and white powdered. The feathering is smooth and carried close to the body, this gives the impression it is smaller and slimmer than some of the other South German Breeds bit in the hand the impression is of a compact and firmly built pigeon.The ground colour is 'self'' coloured with exception of a white spot or 'snip' that should not be too large or too small and the 12 white tail feathers and the upper tail-coverts.This sounds easy, but to accomplish it is very difficult, as the under tail-covers must be coloured, also the size of the forehead spot is related to the 'sound' colouring of the belly and under tail-coverts is rarely correct. The colour of the belly and under tail-cover is a good guide to the quality of a bird,

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