Schmalkalden Moorhead ( Schmalkaldener Mohrenkopf )

Bred originally from the jacobins and Long Muffed Moorhead Pigeons, It was known as a breed as early as 1895 in Thuringer and Saxon Mountain Areas , A strongly built,long field pigeon type with a horizontal body underline. Full rich ' mane ' feathering around the neck and ' hood ' feathering on the head. Also thick, full and broad muffs.

Head :- Rounded ( arched ) . The forehead broad, and slightly rising front.

Eye: Dark with small and fine eye-cere. Blacks and Blues in dark colour, Reds and Yellows in pale colour.

Beak: medium length . Black coloured for blacks and blues. Light coloured for Reds and Yellows. Wattle is small, flat , fine in texture and white powdered.

Neck : Relative long and strong. The feather structure is full and strong and starts from a more or less elongated parting on each side of the lower neck. The structure consists of the fine long feathers spreading forwards to form the 'chain' backwards to the 'mane' and upwards to form a ' cowl ' around the head, not obstructing the bird's sight. Forehead and beak should be fully visible.

Breast: Deep and well rounded .

Wings : Long, closed and held on the tail, but not crossing.

Tail : Long and well closed.

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