Nun Pigeon ( Englische Nonne )

Origin is Germany; certainly related to the Helmet and the Nun. Indications point to a common ancestry. Overall Impression not very big, but strong, graceful, and noble in appearance.

Head: Nicely rounded and smooth

Crest: The shell crest should wrap neatly around the back of the head from ear to ear. The crest should end with well developed rosettes.

Eyes: Pearl in colour. (Small blood veins are allowable in the iris).

Beak: Short to medium in length. In blacks and blues the beak should be dark; in reds and yellows the beak is pale red in colour.

Breast: Round, wide, and prominent.

Back: Wide and not too long; slightly sloping.

Wings: Lying flat, resting on the tail.

Tail: Fairly long and well closed. The tail should contain no less than 12 feathers.

Legs: Legs short and free from feathers below the hocks. Red in colour.

Feathers: Well developed, not too long.

Colours : Black, red, yellow, blue, and silver. All colours to be clear and intense

Markings: Head, flights, wing butts, and tail are coloured and the rest of the body is white. The head marking carries through to form a well rounded bib on the breast. Primary flights should number 7 X 7.

Brown Indigo cock Bird

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